How do I balance everything? Choices.

Friday, March 23, 2018

A choice is the act of making a decision when faced with two or more responsibilities. This week I've been thinking about my choices. I understand that in life, you don't get to choose every single thing that happens to you. I also know that we are blessed to choose other things. 

Instead of thinking about balancing everything I do, I think of the choices I make because they will lead me to good results. 

I choose to be a writer of hope. I could spill my guts and spread negativity but I made the choice to inspire and motivate. I'm not hiding the challenges of life, I simply choose to tell you that you and I have what it takes to overcome your challenges and rise stronger. 
I choose to connect with friends. Even when you are busy, you can be a good friend. Friendships make the fabric of life richer. We need good friends to support us and we need to encourage our friends. I choose to stay connected to my friends because they are a key part of the life I choose to live.
I choose to take care of my health. You see a lot of workout pictures on my social media feeds. You read my Weight Watchers series and you watch my videos. All of that is a reflection of the choice I made to make my health a priority. Being healthy makes my entire life better. It's not for vanity is for sanity. It's not so I can be a before and after picture. It is intended to help me enjoy the people and purpose God assigned me to.
I choose to be a hand-on person. There isn't a weekend that goes by that I don't ask myself, why did I choose to cook from scratch or why did I choose to do a certain project. It is a lot of work, yet, one day it will be part of our family's history. I'm no Olivia Walton, yet, I choose to make a few things myself. The connection to raw materials remind me of the overall work I do in my children's lives. We are cultivating, nurturing the goodness God gave them. We are guardians of their destiny in a way. It all starts so small but it grows and develops each day. It's okay to be hands-on because it helps me cultivate my creativity. We all do it in different ways, I choose to do it with black beans and Easter crafts.

These are a few of the choices I make daily. Have you thought about the daily choices you are blessed to make? Have you thought about where they will lead you?