Today I'm Thankful

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Today, I'm thankful for the place God chose to plant us. We are rooted and so happy to grow in our church and community.
I'm thankful for the road that led us here. We decided that the God who called us would give us all we need to thrive. He never fails.
I'm also thankful for the peace I have experienced in times of trouble. Following God in this life is not easy. Stress is a reality and so is disappointment. God and the people He sent us have helped us navigate it all through His perfect peace.
I'm thankful that the Holy Spirit really guides us in all truth. I have been faced with a lot of opportunities to be really rude to people. The worse part is that it could be justifiable and expected. I'm choosing to be still and listen to God's wisdom.
As we get closer to Easter, I'm thankful for Jesus' work on the cross. I get to enjoy it every day and I'm glad about it. 
Can you name a few reasons to be thankful?