End of School Year Gift Ideas

Friday, April 20, 2018

Hey friend, it's me, trying to help you alleviate your May Madness again. We all know May is an extra busy month because everything stops and the extra activities abound.

Everyone also knows that May is the month moms rant on social media about the schedules they agreed to have for the school year. Yep, we are the ones responsible for the fruit of over scheduling our kids and ourselves. 

In the past, I've encouraged my friends to pay attention to what they add to their schedule. This year, I would like to help us all by offering a few end of year gift ideas.
I am so pleased with how Shannon designed this gift!
 I've been a working mom for 8 months. My time is limited yet, my gratitude to my kids' instructors abounds. I always thought mothers can help mothers so I asked my friend Shannon who is a talented creator and owner of His Grace Designs to help me.  I am very happy with the gifts we are giving the kids' teachers. I'm thankful that Shannon, a mother herself, could help me. For the record, I paid full price for these sweet gifts and I am sharing them because I am pleased with the results.
One of these kids may have said the teacher must give them cookies.
In the past 5 years or so, I purchased/made my kids' end of the year gifts myself. This year, there is not a lot of time to do that. Also, I refuse to wait till the last minute. I'm encouraging you to start thinking about what type of feeling you want to have in May. Plan ahead and you will be pleased with the upcoming month. 

This idea of moms helping moms is something I've thought about for years. Even before I went back to work full-time (outside of the home cause every mother works. A lot!), my friends and I would talk about how nice that would be. 

I'm helping a mother with my purchase and that mother is helping me in return. It's that simple. I also agree that we should go beyond money and simply help one another because we are a community who is stronger together. The money-less help can include babysitting, running errands, dropping off meals or agreeing to be exercise accountability partners. Can you imagine such world?

There is another local mother I want to recommend. Jackie helps families by delivering hot, delicious meals. Her business is Sienna Gourmet. You can use her service yourself or you can send a meal to someone when you choose Sienna Gourmet. I can't tell you how much I'd love to have time to fix a meal and send it to a friend. Well, Jackie makes it all possible. She is a mother helping many mothers. Again, this is not an ad. My friend Liz told me about Jackie's business because she loves it. 

Other ideas of gifts we can give at the end of the school years are gifts to ourselves. Rest is a gift we can all use. I know, how crazy it would be to go to bed earlier or sleep a little later. Schedule it if you must but resting will get you further than you think in this busy season. 

I hope this post has encouraged you to think of a mother in your community you can help. Mothers are wonderful human beings. They love, care and work tirelessly for the benefit of others. I pray that we, the mothers in this world, will help one another in tangible ways.