Getting Organized Before Moving Homes

Thursday, April 19, 2018

The investment I made a few years go paid off. Moving to a new home was an easy process because I was organized.

Okay, moving is always stressful yet, I wasn't freaking out. I had invested in organizing my home for 3 years, so we were not going to move clutter from place to place.

How did I get started? I found an organization method that worked for me. I call it my "45-minute organization solution" (I need a book deal y'all, I really do. This thing works foreal). I still practice what I preach, even now that I work outside of the home.

There's no better feeling that knowing it is time to move and you simply pack your belongings. We had a lot of help from friends and I'm thankful.

I heard that each move is different, and I can agree. This is our sixth move during our married life and so far, the largest. Thank God none of our stuff broke. I didn't have packing paper. I used any extra cloths we had and it worked well.

Once everything was in boxes, I didn't label every single thing inside. The boxes were also hand me downs so there was quite a bit of extra writing in it. If my descriptions were very accurate, I wonder if I'd have unboxed as quick as I did.

My main concern was getting the boxes from the old house to the new one. Once we got here, we took our time unboxing. I hear that people still have unopened boxes from a previous move.

The key is to get organized before your move.