How to reach your One Big Goal

Monday, June 11, 2018

I enjoy asking my friends about their lives in general but most importantly, about their one big goal. I often hear a pause when I ask, “if you could achieve one thing this year, what would it be?” After the pause, the heart speaks loudly.

Whether we like the word “goal” or not, we all have that one big thing we would like accomplish. Mine is permanent weight loss. I’m not sure if you are following my weight loss series on the blog but I’m making steady progress towards my one big goal.

Everything in my life has adjusted in order for me to reach that one big goal. For example, I drastically cut down my weekly running mileage. I believe that less is more when it comes to reaching my weight loss goals.

I’m learning that when I measure my nutrition, I reach my goal. Surprisingly, I can’t manage what I won’t measure. I signed up with a popular weight loss program in order to reach my goal. The truth is that they do not come to my house and wake me up in the morning, get me dressed and make me exercise. They also do not purchase and prepare the vegetables I use in my weekly menu. Oh, they also do not measure and weigh my foods. I do all that. Programs are simply an avenue for my goal to happen. I always believed that I deserve more credit for reaching my goal than the program does.

The summer is a great season to start fresh with the one big goal you want to accomplish this year. You will find that when you focus on what’s important, everything else in life will adapt to your new found rhythm.

Because you are my friend I ask you: what is your one big goal?