5 rules of Summer Running

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

I discovered running during my North Carolina years. The weather was perfect, to say the least. When I moved to Texas, I did what everyone my age does and announced my running plans on Facebook. I was discouraged to run because it was both hot and dangerous. My sweet friends were concerned about me but they were non-runners.

Once I found the running community, I was able to expand my Texas running and even run in the summer with no problem. Here are my rules for running in the summer:

Stay hydrated - I don't even think about getting out there without drinking enough water before during and after my run. I drink a lot of water every day because it helps make my body work better. I've been dehydrated before so I do not play with that. I also add an electrolyte tablet to my water just to add the good stuff I lose through sweat.

I run before the sun is out - partly because I'm a morning person, partly because I don't want to run in the sun. I personally believe that running before the sun comes out makes my life easier.

I run slower - the goal of summer running is not to break any records but it is to keep the habit going. Once the cooler months arrive, I start naturally running faster.

I build my running base - the running base is the number of miles you work towards before you start running long distance. My first Texas summer was dedicated to building my running base. If you haven't run in a while or if you haven't run before, consider building your base with a couch to 5K program or sign up and join a running club.

I run with friends - most summer runs are uncomfortable and friends make each one of those better. I'm thankful for my running group!

Do you run during the summer? Can you add any rules to this list?