18 for Summer '18

Monday, July 9, 2018

Summer is in full speed, which means I can still reach my 18 for summer 18 goals. I listen to a podcast that encourages people to do 18 for 2018, and I thought that would be overwhelming for me because I already have goals for the year. I thought that thinking of 18 simple things to do during the summer would be a good thing. Here is my list.
  1. Beach - we haven’t been just yet
  2. Getaway with my husband - I need to define what getaway means. I guess that’s another not yet
  3. Self- appointment - I’ve made the appointment with a Christian counselor and I’m looking forward to it.
  4. Kids (homemade) camp - that’s a yes, we’re doing this every day.
  5. Swimming pool - that’s a triple yes
  6. Learn a new skill - I’m learning to podcast this summer
  7. Lunch with friends - That has been a yes
  8. Dinner with friends - yes
  9. Read One book - I am working on two books right now.
  10. Rest on purpose - I’ll give myself a yes for this one
  11. Run - you know that’s a yes!
  12. Long bike ride - not yet.
  13. Create comfortable spaces - I’ll give myself a yes for this one. Again, I’m redefining and simplifying and it is working for me.
  14. Make flower arrangements - yes, I’ve been doing that pretty often.
  15. Weekly manicure - yes
  16. Bubble bath - yes
  17. Summer trip to a new place - not yet
  18. Lose 8 lbs - in progress! That's the ultimate gift I'm giving myself this summer: I am getting closer to my January health goal.

What’s in your 18 for summer 18 list?

P.S.: Some summers, all you can do is survive. I’ve been there. I also know for a fact that we have these great lists for our kids and we don’t have the same eagerness to think about ourselves and our well-being every season. I encourage you to do at least 3 things for yourself this summer. It is worth it!