How have a productive July

Thursday, July 5, 2018

180 days. You and I have that much time to accomplish our goals before we start working on the January ones. Here's how I am making July productive:

First, I remember my January goals (arrive at a normal BMI before the holidays). Second, I take steps towards achieving those goals (I track my food, I drink a lot of water, I rest daily). It sounds simple but it does require constant effort towards my goal. Have you considered the steps you want to take this summer so you can accomplish your goals?

Your goal might not be health related. Yet, this month can be the time to organize your life for the Fall season. Ordering school materials before the crowds arrive at every store is a good idea. There isn't a shortage of material before we all start seeing the back to school deals. I'm determined not to procrastinate. I'm determined to miss the big crowds. 

Taking an unbiased look at your holiday schedule now is wise. There are no feelings attached to the multiplicity of events you might get yourself into. Right now you can set boundaries and decide that you and your family will have a relaxed holiday season. Protect your family's holiday schedule now so you can actually enjoy the Christmas season. 

July can be quite the productive month. What will you accomplish?