7 years of Houston: Discovery

Thursday, August 2, 2018

We’ve been in Houston for 7 years. God has helped us progressively put down roots and make this place our home. What have I learned this past year?

I still believe that moving to a new community includes a 3-step process: transition, adaptation, and discovery. Transition is painful and it can last longer because of the emotional weight it brings. Adaptation starts when you have cried all the tears and made peace with where you are. Discovery starts when you have accepted the physical distance between you and your friends. It also includes discovering your new favorite grocery store.

Funny enough, I think that at year 7, I’m still in the discovery phase. Last summer was a challenging time for our family. My husband and I were interviewing jobs outside of Texas. We really were not sure where we were going for many months.

Living in the unknown caused us to question if we were staying daily. Once we knew God wanted us to be here, we continued in the Discovery phase. Discovery happens when your eyes are open as if you just added two shots of espresso to your Americano. You are alert and you are very observant of everything. I feel a sense of alertness, of newness and I thank God for it.

This newness came as my husband was blessed with a new job in our area and I started working full-time last Fall. Discovering Houston anew has been great! We both work in areas we didn’t know before. We’re finding so many new things to do. We are also meeting a great crew of new people.

Houston is big town and one can discover it for a long, long time. This past year I grew in appreciation for where we live, work and worship.

I’m still sensitive to the stories of recent transplants. I’m still thankful that God allowed us to stay and bear fruit where He planted us.

I know that at some point, I’m going to stop this series. A question I am asking myself is, “when does home become home?” My answer has to be, home has been home when God sent me here. My process of growing roots is what made all the difference.

I don’t know where you are in your process my friend. Here is what I know: your feelings are valid. Your desire to hurry and make this new place yours, very valid as well. I encourage you to think about the transition, adaptation and discovery phases. Each phase is unique. You can find peace and joy in each one of them. Be at peace with the fact that God, who called you to be where you are, loves you and has a magnificent plan for you and your family.

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