CEO Mom: daily routines

Friday, August 24, 2018

I enjoy learning how to make my daily routine effective. We now have a little over one week of our Fall routine under our belt. The kids are back to school and our main volunteering activities are starting soon. Looking at the past week, I can see how I can improve my tasks so I can get the results I want.

Every Fall I get a new chance to implement a routine that will help my family succeed. All routines have one common goal: nurture. Nurture means “caring and encouraging the development of.”

Nurturing my family is what I do best. No one can do it for me so I take that privilege very seriously. Nurturing happens when the digital screens are off and I spend time with my family. We may be doing chores together. We may be praying together or even relaxing. All of my organization and routine is vain, unless it leads me to nurture my family.

When it comes to nurturing, I am the Chief Encouragement Officer (CEO) of the Listenbee family. Having the CEO mindset has helped my perspective and purpose for this season.

Everything grows better with nurture. God blessed us with a yard filled with fruit trees. We are watching citrus, peach, pomegranate and fig trees grow. I nurture those trees when I water them daily. My family needs words and acts of encouragement daily so they too can grow.

Nurturing is a test of motivation. Being a CEO requires long hours, extra work, patience, and selflessness. The selfish mindset will not survive this lifestyle of a nurturing mother. The knowledge that God is at work through what I do helps me find purpose and peace every day.

I’m learning that anyone can hear productivity tips and apply them. Few choose a life of service from a heart that reflects God’s character. This life requires a lot of selfless acts based on love to done in secret. God’s rewarding system works in secret too (see Matthew 6).

I can have the best daily routines worthy of multiple social media posts. But if I don’t have nurturing my family in mind, I have nothing.

Have you ever thought that your productivity and daily routines should lead to nurturing? Do you see yourself as the Chief Encouragement Officer of your family? Do you find hard to truly put others first? How can God make a difference in your daily routine?