Inaugural Bayo Bucket 2018

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

I don’t run as many 5Ks as I once did but the inaugural Bayo Bucket sure changed my mind. The race took place in the beautiful campus of Rice University. Although I work at Rice, it was my first time running there. 

Pre-race jitters anyone? 
We started the race in the West stadium lot and we ran clockwise around around the Rice Campus. If you've never been to Rice, be sure to visit at some point. It is one of the most beautiful college campuses in the U.S. Foreal it is.

But let me back it up a little bit. The day before the race was a busy one. I ran 7 miles with my running club (I know. It’s training season so what can I do?) and after that it was running errands and cleaning all day with the kids.

I missed packet pick up but there was packet pick up the morning of the race. Oh, the race entry came with a Rice vs. University of Houston football game ticket. The gentleman in front of me in the line was asking for tickets and the person in front of him was totally rude. Of course I asked him if he wanted mine. He was happy and thankful, he told me he wanted to take his son to the game. It is better to give than to receive!

Shortly after that happy moment, I met up with a few of my Fort Bend Fit friends for a quick photo and then we headed to the start line. I saw at least one person I knew (one of my former Houston Marathon Ambassador buddies). I’m that person who looks for someone she knows EVERYWHERE. LOL!
Hey friends! 
After the national anthem we were off to run the race. This may be funny to you but the course was very interesting to me because I drive through it 5 days a week. Running was way more fun! The course was super flat.

There were several parents pushing double strollers and passing me effortlessly. Ha! I also noticed this race is walker friendly, beginner friendly and experienced runner friendly. There were multiple little kids running the race by themselves. I gave them lots of encouragement on the way.

The very last turn on the course lead us inside of the football stadium. We kinda ran down which was different and then we ran straight to the finish line which was in the middle of the field. So cool! The big screen was also filming us - so fancy!
The only other time I was on a screen was
during the marathon. 

I got my medal, took some photos and we went up the stairs in order to get to the food area. It wasn’t a bad climb and the view was great from up there. I really enjoyed running the Bayo Bucket.
Nice bling!!!

I didn’t check my time until much later. I finished it in 32:56! I was very happy with that finish. I’ve been taking my time coming back to competitive running and my goal for the year is to run comfortably in the 10s. I’m happy I’m there already.

I loved the t-shirt so much I wore it to work the next day.

I highly recommend Bayo Bucket if you are considering signing up next year. The next race I will run this year is Houston’s 12K of Christmas. Join me?