What I learned this Summer

Monday, September 10, 2018

Another season has come and gone. Here are a few lessons.

1. Love is sacrificial 
My husband and I agreed this was the absolute top lesson this summer. We may use the word love a lot. Only when we are tested through it we learn that sacrifice is part of it. I’m glad we had a chance to learn such Godly lesson. We’re better for it. 

2. Having a de-stress routine is a necessity 
I have been managing stress naturally for years but it wasn’t until the summer that I realized I needed a routine. I know I need to rest more, I just didn’t have the need to be strict with it until the summer. I have several de-stress things I do and they are simple such as taking a hot bath, doing my own mani/pedi or cutting the day short by going to sleep. I learned that adding such strategies to my week was very wise and I was able to benefit from it. 

3. Setting a summer goal is smart 
Before the summer started, my friends were asking about running with me. I decided to listen to them but to include the goal of running during the week twice a week. That simple act helped me achieve my weight loss goal for the summer. I think gained other things through setting that simple goal. The main lesson was that setting a goal is just smart. No matter how hard they seem, we always benefit from having focus.  

4. When I’m in despair, I need to look up 
Last summer was hard so this year, I thought a lot about the past year. We had no jobs and then Harvey hit. I learned then that when I'm in despair, I need to look up to where my help comes from. My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. 

5. Helping other people reach their goal is the best
I didn’t realize that when I invited my friends to join me during my runs would be so fulfilling. We started together in the beginning of the summer. Some people had not been running on a regular basis, others took some time off. I’ve been able to watch their consistency and dedication. I am seeing many reaching goals they didn’t think they could reach. That feels lovely. Here is the other side of the coin: it takes unselfishness to do that. It takes a total abandonment of one’s ego because it’s not about me, it’s about others. I love helping people reach their goals. I hope to continue to help others. 

6. Making a summer to-do list was a good idea 
I made an “18 for summer 18 list” and it was a good idea. I reached most of the goals I set there. I made sure they were not long-term, difficult goals because the summer was quite intense. It was lovely to do things such as sit down with a friend and swim.

What did you learn last summer?

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