App Rupture Part 2

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Last week, we talked about the need to get our faces out of our phones. Here's the fact: we can all improve in that area. Let me be transparent and tell you how I'm doing.

Three weeks ago I got a good measure of my usage (yikes!). Two weeks ago, my usage decreased 4 percent. Last week, my usage was down 5 percent. I also noticed that my work, business and personal productivity increased. My goal is to get my usage down to 2 percent by the end of the year.

Way before IOS and Droid software engineers made their time measuring apps public, the Holy Spirit convicted me of my need to be free from such bondage. I knew I couldn't quit cold turkey so I set the goal of improving in that area.

God was the initiator. He touched my heart. What the software engineers did was help me measure my progress in the changes I was willing to make. Nothing more, nothing less.

The first step always needs to take precedence in the heart. The heart is the fertile soil where lasting change can happen. Your heart’s submission to God’s plan will determine whether your change of habits can last.

An app can't set you free from your phone addiction. Let’s think about an addiction to potato chips for example. If you have an addiction to chips, you won't be set free from it by staring at advertisements of new flavors of chips. You will not cure your addiction by buying magazines filled with cute photos of chips from 150 countries in the world. Limiting your exposure to images, ads and the taste of chips will help you overcome your addiction.

Likewise, an app cannot set you free from your phone addiction. God can because He has the correct strategy for you. He always starts His work in the heart. His freedom is lasting and it will make you a better person.

I don't think God wants us to make a mass exit from the digital world. I do believe He doesn't want us to be enslaved by it.

Let me tell you a secret. I work with brilliant computer scientists. Their areas of research have applications in many facets of life, including the apps you and I use daily. I often ask them about their phone usage. They tell me that they are not bound by the lure of their phones because of the priorities they have set for their lives.

These scientist are high achievers. Some are world renowned in their areas of expertise. Friend, you and I can't accomplish our priorities if we are easily distracted.

You and I are experts in our “fields.” I'm a field expert in being my Zeke’s wife. I'm an expert in mothering my sweet children. I’m an expert in my own health and fitness. As a professional, I'm an expert in marketing and communications. In the light of eternity, God will hold me responsible for my areas of expertise. I can’t be distracted multiple hours a day because of phone addiction.

I don't want God to find me staring at my phone while I could be growing in my expertise.

Here’s a review:

Monitor your heart. The work starts in the heart. Search your heart and ask God to direct your time.
Measure your current phone usage. You can't manage what you won't measure.
Manage your phone usage. You’re not an ER Doctor on call. You don't need your phone as much as you think you do. Get your priorities straight. Turn off those needless alerts. Get some freedom step by step.
Meditate on your Priorities. When I think about my family, I find great reason to unplug from the needless use of my phone. I also think about the repercussions of my behavior. What am I teaching my children about technology and relationships by my current example? I want to exemplify freedom. I can only do that if I walk in freedom.