Podcast 3: Shine your Light Online

Monday, October 1, 2018

 Episode 3: Shine your Light Online

My friend Lisa Jones is one of the bloggers who created Of Sound Mind and Spirit. We spoke about showing God's love online, in the midst of so many different conversations. 
Lisa and I in studio.
Here are a few things we covered:
• What does it mean to shine your light?
• Should Christians leave social media during Easter?
• How to engage and dialogue with people from different backgrounds?
• I mention my post "don't speak out of your wound, speak out of your wisdom."
• Boundaries online
• Should your voice be different online compared to real life?
• How much of your real life should you show online?
• The meaning behind showing dirty dishes in your Insta stories
• Lisa is also sharing the concept of tithing your social media.

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