Bloom where you are

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

I was going through a tough assignment in life. There was no running from it, I just had to stay. Day after day, I decided to seek help from God.

One day, I walked outside and I saw a green plant growing in the middle of the asphalt. I took a photo and I wrote "bloom where you are planted" as a caption. I had a visual of what "bloom where you are planted" means. I was like that plant, stuck in a situation where I could shrivel or bloom. I decided to bloom.

Plants don't choose where they are planted. I've seen beautiful wild flowers in ditches. Still, they choose to bloom. That plant in the middle of the asphalt could have looked fabulous in a botanical garden. Blooming is what that plant decided to do because plants were made to flourish.

I believe you and I were made to flourish. We don't often choose where we are planted but God created us to flourish.

The key is to be planted in the right place. How can you guarantee that you flourish? Make sure God is the one who planted you.

Joseph didn't choose to be planted in a ditch. Still he flourished. God was in control of every detail of his life. Joseph flourished and God was glorified through his life. Just because you're planted in a ditch right now it doesn't mean you will stay there. Trust God and flourish where you are.

I deeply believe what Psalm 92:13 says. "Those who are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God." It is important to be planted in church. If you keep transplanting yourself, you might not flourish as those who decide to put roots in the house of the Lord. Decided to be planted. God can direct you where you need to go.

Some assignments are challenging. I know this by first-hand experience. I also know that the God who planted you there can cause you to grow.

Trust His brilliance.