12 Days of Christmas Devos: Generations

Friday, December 14, 2018

"Thus there were fourteen generations in all from Abraham to David, fourteen from David to the exile to Babylon, and fourteen from the exile to the Messiah." Matthew 1:17 (NIV)

I remember seeing my mother read her Bible in a year as I was growing up in Brasil. I remember the times she would tell us about reading the different genealogy spots. She would always laugh at the continuing list of names we could hardly pronounce. Still, she pressed on and read them all. 

Matthew chapter 1 lists the genealogy of Jesus. Matthew writes about Jesus' family tree, which included men and women. I have learned that God doesn't do anything without a purpose. All of those names have a story, significance and purpose. 

I've been enjoying reading more about the women who were included in the book of Matthew. This year, I've been praying and seeking to find out God's view on the role of women in the church. I won't bore you with my observations right now. What no one can deny is the inclusion of women in this passage as well as throughout the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Back to the genealogy. There were quite a few generations between Abraham and Jesus. I'm sure that somehow, from generation to generation, the Israelites decided to declare that God's throne, dominion and kingdom would endure. 

In Lamentations (5:19), we learn that God's throne endures from generation to generation.  
In Daniel (4:3), we learn that God's dominion endures from generation to generation. In Daniel (4:34) we also learn God's kingdom endures from generation to generation.

Even as I think about all the generations between Abraham and Jesus, I can see God's power, dominion and kingdom agenda. 

Christmas is often not the time to "get real." Most people are just so happy and expectant of the earthly things we do to celebrate the season. 

I have reached a time in my life where I can't help but "keep it real" yet, look to God to give me guidance of thought and conduct. Life isn't easy and the burdens we carry, heavy. Yet, God's love endures and so does His dominion. 

Today's Bible verse reminds me that God's word and power are unfailing, from generation to generation, He is faithful. I can't trace all my generations back to Africa (thanks slavery!) but as far as I can tell, the moment my grandparents decided to give their lives to the Lord Jesus, everything changed. My generation has benefited from knowing Jesus and so have my children's generation. 

Some of us, unlike the family of Jesus, might never be able to trace our families way back to the beginning. What we can do is to decide that from our generation on, we will serve the Lord. My generation will rely on God and we will serve Him with gladness. 

God is faithful from generation to generation. Even when I can't trace it, I can see that it worked for Jesus. If it worked for Him, I know it will work for me.