Long Distance Running

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

running friends who are reaching their goals!
Long distance running deserves respect. Whether training for one of my 5 marathons or 4 half marathons (and let's not forget about countless races from 5K to 30K), I have learned to approach the process with respect.

This year, it will be my first time running the Aramco Houston Half-Marathon. I made this decision after a lot of soul (and finish time) searching. The reality was, I needed a break from the long miles. My body could use a break and especially my mind. I called it my race Sabbatical. Last winter I didn't race at all. I never abandoned running, I simply made the decision to cut down the miles and focus on my health.

It was tough at first. Seeing my friends sign up for Fall marathons and ultras almost convinced me I should put in the miles with them. I learned that the best I could do was to stick with what I knew was right for me. Less turned out to be more.

In the summer, I started a 6-week mid-week running group. It was the craziest experiment ever. First of all, most people are not going to sign up to get up at dark o’clock to run. It was hot and humid when we started. It was the Texas summer. Still, we had a great group who wanted to reach their goals. That 6-week experiment is now in week 31. I am grateful to the great folks who show up week after week to run. Seeing them reach their goal has been an incredible joy.

The half marathon is 11 days away. I'm grateful to God for this season of training. I'm looking forward to running a strong race and enjoying the course with thanksgiving in my heart.