Small Step

Monday, January 7, 2019

Sometimes, the best thing one can do is to take one small step at a time.
There are many voices giving instructions on how to completely change your life forever.
I'm here to sympathize with those who are not there yet.
There's much to be done before you can take on some life-changing revolution. Your laundry for example. You do it yourself.
Laundry and dishes can be quite unforgiving: they will lash out if you leave them alone. The time I'd spend on those life-changing instructions I am putting on laundry and dishes right now.
One step is all I have.
I know that steps are powerful because they take us somewhere. My steps take me towards or away from my goal. I'm never stagnant.
So I don't get to work on the brilliant goal everyone is after. I will be content with the small step I can take today.
Small steps add up and I know that so well. I often forget about how discouraging they can be.
The only solution is to keep taking small steps anyway.
Whether it is dishes, laundry or drinking more water, take the small step with confidence.