Working on my Inner Dialogue

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

I never really paid attention to the things I said to myself until I read a book called “Me and my big mouth.” At that time, I was a newlywed woman going through a big transition in life. My health was not the best and I decided it was time for a change. The book helped me to take control of my thought life and to say things on purpose.

One of the things I said back then was that I exercised as a habit and I actually enjoy it. I am now living this reality. 

I find that times of transition (such as early January) can paralyze us or propel us to change. I also took the time to dream about what the next season of my life could be. 

I learned back then to think things on purpose. I learned not to let thoughts freely come and go to my brain. I get to choose which thoughts I keep. The only solid way to guarantee that my inner dialogue was positive was to fill my mind with God’s Word. 

I started to pay close attention to other content I was feeding my mind. I couldn’t expect a healthy thought life if I was feeding my mind with fear 85% of the time. 

I learned to limit the sounds, songs, and words that go into my mind. I learned to take control of the content I feed my mind. 

2018 was the year I saw this routine pay off. I was not ruled by fear. I was walking in the freedom and peace that Jesus purchased for me. Others could tell a difference too. The person who could tell the most difference was me. 

The end of 2017 was difficult. I was doing all I could to keep working to reach my goals. Pockets of my life were stressful. Some people were out to damage me. I was in touch with God through prayer and Bible reading. When I closed my Bible, I was left alone with my thoughts. 

The prevailing thought at that time was “do not give up.” 

How in the world a thought like this comes up over and over to me when I need it the most? Here is what I think:

• I learned to pay attention to what goes in my mind. I am very particular about the words I listen to and read. 
• I learned to pay attention to the thoughts that come to my mind. I learned that I can’t entertain a thought that God does not have about me. 
• I learned to give God room to speak to me, whenever He wishes. Most people miss this because their minds are filled with clutter. I free up space so that God can speak to me and I have the ability to listen. 

I have come to God in times of trouble and desperation. I also have come to Him in ordinary times, when nothing major is going on. I find that freeing up space so that He can speak to me Whenever He wishes is brilliant. 

I hope that your inner dialogue improves this year. Pay close attention to what goes into your time. Observe the thoughts that are coming out of your mind. Give access to God so He can freely speak to you, whenever He wishes.