My Weight Loss in 60 seconds: comeback

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

My old board. 
Valentine’s Day turned into Valentine’s week which resulted in a weight gain for me. I wasn’t happy about it. I decided not to be too negative. Being negative about gaining weight never helps me lose weight. Instead of having a pity party, I decided to take a deep dive in my habits. I listened to an audio book about it. I took the suggestions seriously and decided to apply them in my own life.
I kept the things that were working and changed my problem areas. 

Here’s a summary of a week that ended up giving me a 2-lb loss:

• I prepared my lunches and took them to work.

• I said no to free food (we only have great food at work). I decided to go ahead and get in the habit of only eating the food I take to work with one exception...

• I had one food item at work. We celebrated a friend’s birthday and I had pie. The pie was pecan and it came from House of Pies. I told myself that was my treat for the week.

• I changed a bad habit. My bad habit was snacking after dinner. Listening to the audio book gave me a lot of wisdom to change this bad habit. I’m grateful I finally fixed something that was totally impeding my progress.

• I rested. I was exhausted last week so I decided to rest more. I cut my exercise days way down and I “slept in.” I still woke up early but not as early as I normally do. I can totally see how I would overeat during a week when I was super tired. Resting is the key to so many good things in my life.

Instead of bashing what went wrong, I decided to focus on what went right. I’m still working on my areas of weakness but focusing on what went right and continuing to invest in my health is the way I will reach my goal.

I wish I could wake up tomorrow in my goal weight. Life does not work like this. I am committed to the process. I have peace of mind and I know that every small investment in my health will lead me to the right place.

You too can reach your goal. I know you have many barriers. So do I. What I refuse to do is to focus on the barriers. I choose to focus on the daily routines that will lead me to my goal.

Thank you for joining me in this journey.