My Weight Loss in 60 seconds: The Start

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

I decided that last week was my start. Here is what I know about starting anything: you have to take steps from where you are.
I decided that this week I will build from where I was.
The only way to make progress is to tweak my current routine. Trust me, I know exactly what I need to tweak to succeed.
Food prep is one area I need to tweak. I know that if I prepare the food, pack it and have it available, I will eat homemade, nutritious food. I can also track more. The more I track, the more I reach my goal. Tracking helps me stay focused on the nutrition I need for the day.
Even the area of exercising can use some tweaking. Now that I am done with my main race for the year, I need to focus on my areas of weakness. My off-season goal is to get stronger and leaner so I can run more efficiently when we start training again in the summer. Oh, let’s not forget there’s a possibility that I will run a Fall marathon. I refuse to be out of shape for that!
I believe we can all improve our motivation. I want to be sure that i find ways to remain positive about my journey. The internet can’t do it, a peer group can’t do it, I have to be positive about my own journey.
I am here to encourage someone who is in the journey of health independently. You can do it. Tweak what you did last week. Forget about guilt, start today.
Thank you for joining me in this journey!

• Track food intake for at least 5 days;
• Exercise 5 days (start two days of cross training);
• Prep food for next week on Sunday;  
• Rest well and drink water daily.
• Be positive about my journey.

Beginning: 161 lbs
Current: 159 lbs
First Goal: 150 lbs