How to turn a Bad Day around

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

If you are alive, you’ve had a bad day. Here’s what I do:

Choose who you will talk to wisely. This week, my quote is, “I will not talk about a problem with anyone who is not part of the solution.” - Bill Johnson. I get to choose who will be part of the solution I seek. The internet is not part of my solution. Some of my friends are not part of the solution. I am aware that for every problem I face, God has a solution. I try my best to pray about it first and only talk to someone who will be part of the solution.

Choose what goes into your head. Recently, when I had a bad day, I thought, “what should I listen to?” I immediately thought, “today is a good Zig Ziglar day.” I listen to Zig when I need motivation and encouragement. If my purpose is to get out of the bad day, it is wise to listen to media that will elevate me.

Choose to move. Exercises can work wonders when you have a bad day (it works well for good days too). After I exercise, I find a better perspective on my problem. My body and mind benefit from movement. Any movement counts.

Do you have a routine for bad days? What do you tell yourself? Who do you go to?