Less Internet Challenges Please

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

We have all seen them: challenges are everywhere. I’m pretty sure that before the bucket challenge, we were all convinced  that internet challenges were a great idea.

Since I started blogging at www.simplycintia.com, I’ve had my share of challenges. The only one I can remember being a part of was the Pray for your husband challenge. I also took on challenges of my own, which helped me reach my own goals. Years ago, when I was establishing the habit of running, I challenged myself to run three 5Ks in 2 months or so. It was a personal challenge that led me to where I am today: an experienced distance runner.

The challenges have tripled if not quadrupled lately. There are cleaning challenges such as the one that encourages you to get rid of one bag of clutter per week for a total of 52 weeks. I didn’t sign up for that one.

There are also fitness challenges such as the one challenge to run daily for at least 30 days. I also didn’t sign up to this challenge because I need rest days.

I realize that challenges can be good, if they help you reach your own goals. If we move from challenge to challenge, we become a wandering generality. If we let others set our agenda, we may never reach our own goals.

The goal of a person who starts a challenge is to go viral. Sure, some people are trying to help others but let’s be honest, they may not be aware of your interests, goals and peculiarities. If you are going to be part of a challenge, be sure the challenge will help you reach your goal for the year.

You want to be a meaningful specific, not a wandering generality. Before you accept any challenge, ask yourself:

• will this challenge help me achieve my goal for the year?
• does this challenge address my needs? Is this challenge effective to help me solve my problem?
• What is the best solution that will help me reach my personal goal?

Enough of doing something because everyone is doing. Let’s use our time to benefit ourselves and our families.

I better not start any challenges on this Blog, right? If I do, only participate if it helps you become the person you want to become this year.