My Weight Loss in 60 seconds: first week of WW

Thursday, April 11, 2019

The past week I followed WW's freestyle plan and I lost 1 pound! It feels good to be back on track. I used a free app for 6 months. I wasn't able to stay on track consistently although I'm happy to say that I never gave up on my ultimate goal.

I was surprised of how much "fun" I had with food. Freestyle gives you freedom to eat well and still achieve your goals. I stayed within my points. We went out to eat one night and I was able to find foods that fit my plan. I ordered grilled salmon and really enjoyed being with my family. Right before signing up to WW, I got pretty desperate. I cooked a bunch of cabbage for soup and I was on the "smoothie in the morning" plan. This past week I actually ate what I wanted to eat. I enjoyed good, tasty food and I lost weight. I love snacking. I had snacks and I lost weight. All of this, because I decided to track.

Before coming back to WW, I decided to stop self-sabotaging my efforts. My mindset, more than an app, is really what helped me finish strong. I want to finish what I started. I know that if I want to lose weight, I need to track. So tracking I did. I learned a while ago that planning will help me succeed. I prepared my food on Friday, which made the weekend and the following week much easier. I am tracking as well as staying aware of my feelings of fullness and hunger.

I'm also tracking my exercise. I went back to the gym this week, so I am adding everything I am doing. I've never took advantage of my exercise points but this time around, I will.

I've been flying solo when it comes to WW and it looks like I will be doing that again. I do post on Connect (a type of social media inside of the app). I told myself that if I wasn't making progress, I'd make the effort to join a WW studio (formerly weight watchers meeting). I love the instruction, interaction and accountability you get in the group. I hope to continue to succeed. I find inspiration in a few podcasts and I even found a few people on YouTube worth listening to every now and then. I don't want to be over dependent on people to make this happen. Still, support is great and welcome.

So here I am, already working on the results I will get next week. I am committed and energized. I will reach my goal!

Beginning: 161 lbs
Current: 160 lbs
First Goal: 150 lbs