When Busy Moms get Sick

Sunday, April 28, 2019

When busy moms get sick, life goes on. I had two wisdom teeth removed and the thought of being down for a couple of days terrified me. Well, mostly being out due to anesthesia scared me.

I got my perspective back in order when I went to Houston's Medical Center to visit a friend who had back surgery. I saw something I don't see very often: sick people. They come in all ages and ethnic backgrounds. I saw sick kids accompanied by an army of doctors. I prayed for each one as I walked by.

When I finally got to my friends' room (yep, I got lost), I was glad to see he and his wife were doing well. I don't know what a person who had back surgery is supposed to look like but he looked well. It was a joy to visit for a little bit.

After that visit, health issues seemed like small potatoes. I thought about a friend who got ill for a long time. She told me that life just went on around her. She learned many valuable lessons I treasure.

Back to me and my wisdom teeth surgery. I was supposed to get it done 12 years ago but you know... life. It got to a point that it was damaging and pushing the teeth around it. My dentist wouldn't treat me unless I got the wisdom teeth removed. It got to a point where I wanted it removed.

So I made all the preparations necessary. I asked my co-workers about their experiences. I tell you what, I heard some funny stories! They also gave me some great advice.

I made vegetable soup, seasoned it well and put it in the blender. I heard that chewing was out of the equation for a little bit.

The morning of the surgery, we got the kids ready for school then my husband took me to the clinic. The surgeon and her team were awesome. They answered all of my questions and gave me great advice on what to expect.

The surgery lasted around one hour. And of course, I woke up in the middle of it. I think she gave me more juice cause I went back to sleep but not until I heard the drill and felt a bit of the pulling. Thankfully, I felt no pain.

My husband was wondering how crazy I was going to act because of the anesthesia. I pretty much acted normal. I know, I'm no fun. Ha, ha!

Whether sickness comes unexpectedly or not, there are so many things we can count on:

1. God is in control. He loves you. He knows you have people to take care of. He cares and He will see you through.

2. You have help. The trick is to ask for it. I've been blessed to get help when I need it. My tribe is such a blessing that even if I'm taking care of a family member, they come through with a meal or to lend a hand. If people ask to help, just say yes.

3. This too shall pass. How do I know? Because of hope. Because God wants to see you well. He's a healer and He has a solution for every problem we may have.

4. You need to rest. It feels unnatural to rest and allow your body to recover (ask me how I know). But it needs to be done. You have to really press the pause button. The only way to get better is resting. Everything else can wait. Recovering effectively is the best way to get back to your routine.

I know you're busy. I know you hate to get sick. Just remember that God is a very present help. Get some rest and wait for your healing. It will come.