My weight loss in 60 seconds: WW Speak

Thursday, April 25, 2019

I am approaching week 3 with Weight Watchers. I want to give you an idea of all things WW Speak and my own approach to success. Let's start with WW Speak:

I use the App in order to track my points. I battled with it at first but I have found that tracking is the way to success. The app is the easiest way to do that now.

Daily Smartpoints • I get 23 daily points. The beauty of WW is the amount of foods that are zero points. Let's say I am eating really well! I'm not abusing the system: I'm making sure I get the best nutrition for my points, no matter what. I pre-plan and pre-track most of my points.

Weekly Smartpoints • The first time I was a WW member, I didn't really use my weeklies. This time, I'm using them strategically. They are there to give me flexibility. They are a tool for success. I learned (thanks Youtube) that if I roll them over, I have flexibility during special occasions.

Rollovers • A few weeks ago, I saved a few points a day. They became rollovers and those rollovers, in addition to my weeklies, help me really enjoy weekends with my family. There's no reason to cheat if I plan my rollovers ahead of time. I went to a party recently and I had cake. I asked myself, should I be feeling guilty? The answer was no. I had my rollovers and I used them.

Profile • WW stepped up its digital game with the App. While I am not going to meetings, the profile and its perks make you feel like you are part of a greater community. The fun thing is that the community is everywhere if you so choose to connect outside of the app. I listen to a WW related podcast and I'm part of a group (I don't frequent) on Facebook.

Daily used • very important to know. You don't want to be too low or too high. Regardless, you want to be true to yourself when it comes to your daily use. Being truthful will reveal a lot about your results.

Daily meals • The place you go to add all the food and liquids you ingest. There isn't a special place for water. If that's an issue for you, you might want to include it somewhere.

Other features I like:

• Days in healthy eating zone - a calendar that shows how long you stayed within the parameters of the plan. I love calendars so this visual is awesome.
• Weight journey - a graph and list of your weight evolution. I'm glad it kept the info from last Fall when I was a member for the second time. My first time, we were all paper all the time.
• Messages: automated messages that give you feedback on your week. The weeks I gained weight, the message would suggest that I track more.

My own approach to success:

I take tracking seriously. It is the only way I'll succeed. Imagining what I ate does work. Trust me, I tried.
I eat the same things my family does for dinner. I didn't put them on WW. What I do is to make sure we all up our veggie and fruit intake.
I haven't added my exercise points to the mix. If I need to, I certainly will. For now, the weeklies have been plenty.
I have a strategy for work, buffet and parties. We get A LOT OF FOOD every day at work. We don't get bad food either. The first thing I learned to do was to desensitize myself from the smell of pizza. We get pizza every day and there are leftovers often. I learned my buffet strategy around 12 years ago. The thing is to remember that food will not disappear from the world if I leave some in the buffet. The other trick is to look before I make my decision. I learned to choose what I really want instead of getting a little bit of everything because it's been sitting there for 3 hours before I showed up. Sunday, we had a party at church. It was potluck. I took my own breakfast so when I arrived, I wasn't starving. Also, I got what I really wanted and I practiced paying attention to my hunger scale. Just because it is there, I don't have to eat it. If I'm not hungry, I can wait until later.

So, I had two wisdom teeth removed so I didn't weigh in so this stats reflect last week's numbers. Thanks for joining me in this journey!

Beginning: 161 lbs
Current: 159 lbs
First Goal: 150 lbs

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