Life Changing Information

Saturday, June 15, 2019

People have different reactions when they see a mother and all their children in the story. On Saturday, I was told:

"I will tell you something that will change your life."

"You have my attention," I told the older gentleman.

He proceeded to tell me about me about a great sports program for kids. He told me if the kids liked and stuck with it, advancement in the sport could mean college scholarships.

I'm all for scholarships, I never thought about them coming through sports as a possibility for us.

I thanked the gentleman and proceeded to check out.

His initial words stayed with me. How many times does anyone tells you "I will tell you something that will change your life?"

I know marketers do it all the time because they want your money. How many times, someone wholeheartedly tells you "I will tell you something that will change your life" and means it?

I want to propose that you and I can say those words because we do have something that can change someone else's life.

I was in desperate need for childcare once a week for my three kids. I asked a few church friends for help and they basically told me forget about it, no one will help you with that.

One day, after I had a hearty Mexican meal with a non-Christian friend, I told her about my search. She thought about my request for a little while and suggested a place 3 doors down from where we were sitting.

She had information that changed my life and she passed it on. She could have sat on it. She could have ignored my plea for help or like my Christian friend, should could have said "forget about it."

I choose to believe that God in His infinite mercy, can use us to pass on information that can change someone's life.

Life changing information can be big like the chance of winning a scholarship or small such as my friend's tip for a childcare provider.

Life changing information only comes from generous, open hearts. I don't know negative, self-absorbed people to share life-changing information often.

Generosity and an open heart is a must.

I don't know if my kids will play the sport that was suggested to me. I don't know if they will love it and decide to pursue it with all their hearts. What I do know is that there are generous people out there who are selfless and generous enough to notice someone like me.

I want to be like that. I want to notice the other. I don't want to do it just so I can brag about it. I don't want to do it to score charity points. I want to share life changing information because it is the very heart of God.

He is in the business of transforming our lives. I want to be just like Him.

Reflect and Respond:
• Do I have a tendency to sit on life-changing information?
• What is the real reason I don't share life-changing information with others?
• Do I listen to what people say and what they do not say?
• Do I look for Godly guidance in being generous with the  life-changing information entrusted to me?