Mid-year Goal Check Up

Friday, July 19, 2019

We are 165 days away from the end of the year. I know. It can be either good or bad. It depends on your outlook. 

I am choosing to look at the possibilities ahead of me. A lot of those possibilities are cleverly hidden behind my goals for the year. 

I set two goals in each of the following categories: Faith, Family, Fitness, Business and Other.

My faith goals are going well but I need to be more intentional about spiritual discipline. 
My family goals allow me to spend more quality time with my family. So far, so good. I also like the fact that I don’t get to cross it off my list. My eagerness to give my family my best continues. 

I reached one of my fitness goals, the other one, I am on track to complete it. Every day, I remind myself of how everything I do can take me closer or further away from my goal. 

My business goals are pretty bold. I’m not sure I will reach them but I’m proud of the person who set them. 

I started the Other category when my goal didn’t fit the previous ones. One of them I already reached (stop orchestrating my birthday). The goal is to only use my time to advance my goals. I really needed to be reminded of that. 

I’m not sure if 2019 has been kind to you. Some seasons are tough. The reality is, you can start again. You can take the first step and you can continue to make progress towards your goals. You have what it takes.