Why is keeping friends so difficult?

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Keeping friends seems difficult sometimes. 
Specially when you are doing all the work. 
You initiate all the communication.
You ask for a face-to-face - and you often get a “no” or “I’m busy.”
You start to wonder why. You quickly switch to past memories. 
Often “when” you get together happens at a convenient time for the other person. 
If the situation is inconvenient for them, keeping the friendship becomes difficult. 

Keeping friends is difficult when they are so wrapped up in themselves, they overlook your needs. 

Keeping friends is difficult in a ‘group of friends’ situation. 
Some individuals demand more attention than others. 
Others gravitate to those who are better, prettier, richer than you. 
Mob mentality often reigns and for the sake of peace, you go on. 

Keeping friends is difficult when the distance erases bonds that were near and dear. 
Not even technology can replicate the good times. 
As the years roll by, all you get is a social media like, if that. 

Lately, I decided that while keeping friends can be difficult, I’m a good friend. 

I also decided that while I believe the best, people make time for what’s most important to them. 
I believe that if you keep turning me down, you are sending me the message that I am not important. 
You are sending the message that I no longer have something you need so we are done. 
I’m okay with all of that. 
I’m also pleased with the fact that I am a good friend and I was built to be in honest relationships. 

It is true that I can’t change people. I can’t change difficult friendships. I can and I will be myself everywhere I go. 

If some friends leave, that’s okay, I will treasure those who choose to stay.

Friend said...

Very true, Cintia. Sometimes it hurts, though. But the true friends remain even if contact is lost for a time.