Sunday Seven

Sunday, September 1, 2019

1. Make yourself stand out • I discovered Laura Vanderkamp's books and podcast recently. She believes we have more resources than we think we have. I really enjoyed her thoughts on how to grow your network and sharing your big ideas

2. Take a deep breath • One of the kids needed to do something difficult this week. I used my family's secret: take a deep breath. I also added my special secret to the mix: I will hold your hand. Even as I think of the difficult things I now do, I can feel my folks holding my hand, but from far away. Belief in the other is so powerful.

3. Rest is the most underutilized productivity hack • I was revisiting some of my previous work and I found this gem of a quote. Resting on purpose helps me get through difficult, stressful seasons in life. I even gained empathy for difficult people in my life. I have to agree that rest has to be my favorite productivity hack.

4. Invitation, not Isolation • I learned a few years ago that instead of isolating myself, I need to invite a friend into the reality of my life. Hiding is easy and tempting. Inviting a friend to the mix of what's happening brings much needed compassion, joy and hope. I practiced that this past week. It was amazing.

5. Help • Helping those who need help is good and Godly. Helping without expecting anything back is really Godly. Recognition worth having comes from God, who rewards in secret. 

6. Decision making • There is a ton of scholarship out there on how to make decisions. I also realize that none of it helps me when it's my turn to make difficult decisions. I'm the one who needs to live the results, not the scholar. I've learned to turn to the foundations of who I am when it comes to decision making. I ask, "who is God to me" and "what does He require of me?" Thinking along these lines guarantees that whatever decision I make will bring me peace and contentment in the end. 

7. "Life is not a hammock." Patrick Kurp • My writing coach and I talk about writing as well as life. This week, as I'm babbling on about my latest and greatest, he said, "life is not a hammock." I couldn't agree more. I also told him I would make sure to attribute this quote to him. It seems that when you get settled, things change. Life is not a hammock, yet, life is a great gift.