How to prep ahead: food and laundry

Sunday, September 1, 2019

It was the end of a busy week. Helping my family and making sure they have everything needed to succeed at work and school was a priority. Homemaking is unescapable. Doing my best at my full-time job is a joy.

It is Friday. I can sit back and rest. Instead, I choose to enjoy family time and prepare for the week ahead.

I star by making a list of meals we needed for the weekend. We were going to be out for multiple hours, so I decided to pack brown bags for the kids.

I also make an assessment of the laundry. Do I need to start a load now or can it wait until tomorrow?

I learned that it takes longer to do dishes when I let them sit on the sink for two (or three or four) days than it takes to just wash everything at night. 

Preparing food ahead of time requires time and dedication. The result is the satisfaction and freedom to simply enjoy the weekend ahead.

I am not going to say that prepping for the week ahead is easy or convenient. I often ask myself what is the advantage of doing such thing after a long week. I quickly remember the results of my preparation.

We eat better when I prep ahead. We also save money as a result. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing exactly what you are eating.

I know clothes will be clean. We will all enjoy our weekend activities better. 

Back to preparing for the week ahead. Preparation adds quality to the life you want to live.

How will you prep for the week ahead? Be specific and enjoy the benefits!