Sunday Seven

Sunday, October 6, 2019

One • We drove for four hours in order to arrive at our new home. When we got there, we found smiley faces, working hands, and sincere hugs. A small group from our church was cleaning our new home, inside and out. This type of welcome was more than heartwarming: it was a statement. Their act of loving service will forever be marked in our memories. I also saw that God loves us and He sent us to this new place. Serving God along such precious human beings is going to be amazing.

Two • There are big differences between moving 2 miles away versus 200 miles. I am thankful that I have grace for both. Instead of focusing on the challenging parts of the move, I forced myself to look for grace. I found it in the faces of friends who dropped by to check on us. I saw it in the excited voices of our children. I even encountered it in the wildlife who grazed in our backyard. God gives grace. It’s up to me to receive it.

Three • ”What are my big 3 priorities?” Is a question I asked myself daily. I spent a lot of time convincing myself that a whole house wouldn't be unpacked in one day. I had to focus instead on a few priorities for each day. Supporting my husband. Getting the kids settled. Setting the table. Engaging in reflective conversation. The first week is crucial for adaptation and unless I focus on the right things, I can waste precious moments to bond and keep going.

Four • I connected with the local runners before we moved. I learned that some connections are worth the investment. The running community is welcoming, warm and so encouraging. I look forward to contributing to a community that has given me so much already.

Five • We become students of the culture when we move to a new environment. A wise mentor told that if I learn the culture, I win. Learning the local culture helps me understand people better. It also helps me appreciate the work that happens daily. I believe it is easier to contribute and to give when we understand the uniqueness of the culture.

Six • The years I spent coming up with my 45-minute cleaning and decluttering solution continue to be beneficial. It has allowed us to be very efficient with our time and energy. I also learned the benefit of thinking of each space as a container. If the container is full, there is no need to keep adding things to it. We thought we’d need storage but thankfully, everything we brought fits in this house.

Seven • A few key people in our lives came by to visit. My husband’s best friend stopped by to see us and so did my younger sister and my nephew. It was so good to spend time with them this first week. We live closer to family than before so we are excited about seeing everyone more often.