Sunday Seven

Sunday, October 13, 2019

1 - Lately, I have been introducing myself to a lot of people. This act makes me summarize who I am. I basically tell people my name along with a catchy want to remember it. I also tell them where I came from and what brought me to where I am. Other questions may or may not follow. Introducing myself also gives me a chance to meet other people. I ask them where they are from and what keeps them here. Meeting new people is fascinating.
2 - God gave me an incredible blessing this week. I gave details in my newsletter - sign up on the blog if you haven’t! I am grateful to God’s character. He is good and He loves us.
3 - A new friend asked me how I was doing. I described one hundred things I was doing. She said, “when it gets quiet, call me.” Those six words reminded me of the inevitable: a new normal is coming. Right now, I’m positive I can make the best of it. I can structure my life in wise ways. I can be all God called me to be this season. I’m thankful I have several people to call during quiet times.
4 - Yesterday I ran my first long run with the new running group. It was so hard but so good for me. Improving as a runner takes a lot of time and commitment. It takes stepping out of my comfort zone. That long run taught me that in long-distance, nothing is given, everything is earned. It also gave me hope that my goal is within reach.
5 - Our kids are resilient, courageous and joyful. They are teaching me a lot these past two weeks. During this transition, I told myself several times “this is how I need to be towards my Heavenly Father.” Oh for grace to trust Him more!
6 - There are 75 days until Christmas. Now it is time to decide what type of holiday season you want. I’m also a believer in not overbooking myself and doing things that do not matter. Establishing boundaries now will guarantee and peaceful and enjoyable holiday season.
7 - I am focusing on my goals for the year. There are 20 weeks and 6 days until the end of the year. Much can be accomplished if we decide to be proactive about our actions. We can close this year with a win y’all! Let’s dig deep.