Sunday Seven

Sunday, October 20, 2019

1 • Our house is becoming more like a home each day. I told the kids that what makes a house a home are the people. Family can make any place turn into home. We also brought with us, traditions and practices that makes us feel at home. I use all our senses to make this new place into our own. We see our own photos and pictures. We smell and hear the beans cooking in the pressure cooker. We touch our favorite stuffed animals or blankets. We hear My husband playing music.
2 • A new thing for us to have a herd of deer come to our backyard to hang out. There are many trees and a pond with giant goldfish. We hear birds singing all the time. I often think I’m inside a Disney movie.
3 • I continue with my ‘do the best you can with what you have attitude.’ The kids and I have been riding bikes in our neighborhood. Being active, outside is a value I want to pass on. Breathing the fresh air and enjoying nature is something I truly treasure. While structured exercise is good, I find that learning to go outside on our own is valuable.
4 • I hit a low spot this week. I tried not to stay there for long. I called a special friend who has known me for 21 years. She always listens, encourages me and helps me navigate transitions. Gosh, she was even there when I was giving birth the first two times and saw me pregnant with my third. Thank God for friends who do not forget about you. Thank God for the willingness to reach out for help.
5 • It is good to know yourself at all times but especially when being a newcomer. I learned a lot from my move from N.C. to TX. I learned that I don’t do well as an island. I learned that finding a group to belong to outside of church is always a great idea. I learned that before I solidify my group of friends, I will likely deal with some rejection. It’s all part of it. It’s all necessary, it will all be worthy at the end.
6 • I found some friends who are Spanish speaking and they will ONLY speak in Spanish with me. I love that. No more “my Spanish is not that good” excuses. I’m practicing now and because of that, I’ll improve.
7 • I went to the gym to lift weights this week. It was so hard but so good for me. I was AMAZED at the number of people who were there working out. I love a community who puts value in healthy living.