Your goals: 3 winning mindsets

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

It is post mid-October and most of us are dragging ourselves to the finish line. It is important to have a productive mindset instead.

The prevailing mindset teaches us to dread all the activities surrounding the next 10 weeks. Yes, the end of the year is busy but guess who signed up to do all of that? Correct, that would be you.

My friend, the good news is that you are in control. The productive mindset assumes the following:

I can make great use of the next 10 weeks. The best way to achieve that is to know your priorities. I’m not sure what your priorities are but I can tell you what they are not. Your priority is not to be a people pleaser. Your priority is not to overspend. Your priority is not to push yourself to the point of sickness. Know what your priorities are so you can make great use of the last 10 weeks of 2019.

I can reach my goals for the next 10 weeks. If you have been working on your goals since January, don’t you stop now. Keep making progress. Stay positive and you will get there. If you don’t get there, no problem! You will be closer than you were a year ago. The goal is not to give up.

I can have the best holiday season I’ve ever had. You may have to simplify your approach to the holiday season. You may have to create new ways of thinking about what the holiday season is all about. It takes boldness. It takes knowing what God expects of you and doing just that.

Isn’t that the greatest question we can ask ourselves on a daily basis? What does God expect of me? The answers may vary, His character stays the same. His yoke is easy and His burden is light. God’s love for you is never ending. When His peace enters your heart, everyone around you feels it.

I am challenging you to have a productive mindset. With God, you will make great use of the next 10 weeks. You will reach your goals and you will have the best holiday season you have ever had.