Give Thanks

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Thanksgiving weekend is still going. Today, I'm reminded that the giving of thanks do not have to stop until next year. We can continue to cultivate a thankful heart throughout the year.

The Bible encourages us to give thanks unto the Lord in more places than I can count right now. We also read about people recounting all the good God has done to generations past. This giving of thanks does not regards our current circumstances. It only takes the goodness of God into consideration.

When I take myself out of the picture, I can clearly see that God is amazing all the time. He has been good historically and He will continue to be good to us.

I always have a higher ideal of what Thanksgiving should be like. I decided to give up on making my Thanksgiving look Pinterest perfect. Instead, I focused on family. I turned on some praise music and I cooked with the kids.

They were a little surprised on how much cooking fresh food takes. When they saw the final result of their work, they were so happy! They smiled profusely as they watched everyone enjoying all the foods we cooked together.

I looked at everyone around the table and I tried to freeze that moment in my brain. I was thankful to God for bringing us together and keeping us together for His purpose.

My thanksgiving continued as I thought about all our activities leading to Thanksgiving. I continue to be thankful as we start our Advent activities leading to Christmas.

Oh, our church recorded a Christmas song. I hope this song inspires you to have an amazing advent season. You can watch the video here.