Sunday Seven

Sunday, December 1, 2019

This weekend, we are celebrating my husband's 40th birthday in New York City. I'm going to tell you about seven unusual things I appreciate about NYC.

1 • You read this correctly. My hometown is is Rio de Janeiro. The latest estimate of people living in Rio is of 13,374 million people. New York has 8,623 million living in it. Watching masses of people walking everywhere reminds me of my beloved Rio. 

2 • Public transportation. I remember riding on the bus and the metro in Rio. I appreciate the public transportation system in NYC. I also appreciate the ride share apps that can be handy when we get a little tired of waiting for the right bus to come by. 

3 • Food. We can get whatever type of food we want. We enjoy the typical NYC staples. We also like having access to great ethnic foods. 

4 • New Jersey. I spent a summer in Newark so I appreciate the benefits of staying in Jersey while enjoying NYC. I have beloved friends who live in Jersey and we are spending a little time with them this time around. Jersey is cool. It takes staying there for a while to appreciate it.

5 • Music, Literature and Arts. This place has a history of great music, literature and arts. Walking in this old town reminds me of all the greats who were once here. It also reminds me of the many people in this city who have a dream of doing something great artistically.

6 • The church. New York, just like any other city I know, needs the church. People everywhere need help and hope. Jesus, my Lord and Savior can give eternal life and abundance in the present moment. I appreciate the Christians who live in this area and spread the gospel to people who haven't heard about the good news of Christ. 

7 • Good Bagels. I have always loved bagels. Each time I visit the city, I go to a deli and I grab a good bagel. Bagels are the reason why I run marathons. I know it is silly but bagels have motivated for years to run all the miles so I can eat all the bagels. 

I hope we'll have at least one celebrity sighting while we're here. I'm really good at shoving a camera on their face and taking a great photo of whatever celebrity and my husband. Ha!