Reading 25 Books in One Year Part 2

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Hello friends! Here are more books I tackled this year. Enjoy!

The Next Right Thing - I listen to Emily P. Freeman's Podcast which has the same name as this book. This book was delightful because her podcast feels too short. It was nice to listen to her ideas in depth. 

The Lifegiving Home - I also listen to Sally Clarkson's Podcast from time to time. This book was so good I didn't want it to end. I go to Sally for inspiration in homemaking. This book overwhelms you (in a very good way) with ideas on how to really have an amazing home. 

Find your Way - I heard Carly being interviewed in a Podcast (can you tell I listen to them a lot? I also host a podcast) and I wanted to hear more about what she had to say. This book is a game-changer for people who like me, have a strong sense of purpose in life. This book is a road map. It is encouraging and realistic. This book must be in everyone's reading list. I remember having a conversation with my husband about our future. He made a few suggestions and without thinking twice, I said: "I can find my own way." 

Visioneering - I'm a fan of Andy Stanley. I believe this book is for leaders who actually want to take people somewhere. This book looks at the topic of vision from many different angles. It is also very practical. After reading this book, you will be a better leader. 

Digital Minimalism - If you are not happy with how much time you spend looking at screens, this book will give you the research you need as well as the action items you need to live a better life. 

How to lead when you're not in charge - This is a question I had off and on. How do you lead when you're not in charge? This book answers this question and it helps you with your development as a leader. A lot of my friends have read this book and loved it. 

Becoming - This book is very well-written. I was sad when I finished listening to it. I really enjoyed getting to know Michelle Obama through her own words. What stayed with me was her resolve to make an impact through helping others. 

I set out to read 25 books this year. Thus far, I have read 27. I am currently reading two paperback books and I am almost finished reading the Holy Bible. 

Listen to my podcast this week to find out how you can read more in 2020. 

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