Sunday Seven

Sunday, November 17, 2019

1 • We’ve been here for seven weeks. I choose to believe that the worst part of this transition is over. I had quite a breakthrough a few weeks ago. I realized I need to be fully present, fully engaged and fully hopeful. Present because there’s nothing worse than living in the past. Engaged because it’s the only way to carve space for oneself. Hopeful because the absence of hope is despair.

2 • We’ve found most of our doctors. We’ve seen everyone and we like them. I forgot that when you are in a smaller town, people know each other. Thankfully, all our doctors like and respect one another.

3 • This week was the coldest one I remember in 8 years. The lowest temp was 21 degrees. It wasn’t colder than that time we experienced single digits in North Carolina. Brrrr!

4 • I’m enjoying cooking dinner (and all the other meals). For dinner this week we had pan-seared salmon, shrimp in veggie sauce, Parmesan whole-wheat pasta, salad, and Naan bread. We had cinnamon peaches for dessert. It was good!

5 • My husband turns 40 this month. We are so eager to celebrate him.

6 • Our backyard is pretty dreamy. I keep thinking I should treat this home as a writer’s retreat. We have a pond with big goldfish (they’re really orange) in the backyard. We have tall trees and enough room for plenty of wildlife to graze. I’ve never lived inside of a Disney movie until now. I’m grateful.

7 • I continue the pursuit to get the house unpacked before the holiday. One more room to go. I can do it!