Sunday Seven

Sunday, December 29, 2019

* This is the last Sunday Seven of the year and probably the last one for a while. I'm going back to work soon so I'm downsizing some of my writing.

1. Sometimes, things change. Most of the time, we change things. A lot of things around me did not change in 2019. I decided to change my attitude toward those things. When someone was not happy around me, I created my own weather forecast. I choose sunny days. When rain came, I chose to put on my rain boots so I could look fab. My inner attitude made a difference in 2019.

2. Sometimes, people are nasty. During those times, I got mad. Then I realized that I was in full control of my attitude. Other people’s display of personality was not worth my blood pressure getting high. I learned that when people are nasty, I can let them be. I can stand in my confidence and move on with my life. They are allowed to be nasty. They are allowed to talk about me. I’m allowed to be fully myself, despite the attitude of others.

3. Sometimes, seasonal friendships end. I admit that social media messed up my perception of what a true friendship really is. Once I realized that, I allowed a lot of seasonal friendships to end. Most people haven’t even noticed it and that’s okay. Others, who are always there for me, decided to make our friendship a lifelong investment.

4. Sometimes, small actions count. Their significant small actions defy the notion that everything needs to be massive to make a difference. If you wonder if someone is too small to make a difference. Try to spend the night in a room full of mosquitos.

5. Sometimes, people think you are making a big mistake. They will question your decisions. They will talk about you behind your back. Call you everything except a faith-filled child of God. I have learned to look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith. Looking for approval from people doesn’t work. They didn’t create me. They can’t possibly know what’s best for me because they don’t know the end from the beginning.

6. Sometimes, you are where God wants you to be. The circumstances that lead you to where you are might be unique. If God is the One leading you, you are exactly where you need to be. Obedience is the true proof of faith. I learned that I don’t have to like a commandment from God to obey it. Jesus Himself said, if you love me, you will obey my commandments.

7. Sometimes, hard work pays off. This training season, I’ve been working hard. I started this work two years ago. I had no clue I’d move to East Texas in the middle of a training season. Nevertheless, hard work pays off.