Three Months

Sunday, December 26, 2021

The best thing about transitions is that they do not last. I've been waiting for month three since I got to East Texas. A good friend and mentor told me that it takes around three months to get used to a place. I kept that number in my heart each time we transitioned to a new place or assignment.

Month three is better than one. The first month was rough. It was sad, stressful, lonely, weird and through it all, I experienced a lot of goodness too. I couldn't wait for month three to arrive so here we are.

The third month is a good partition between what is and what was. It happens every time. People forget you because you are out of sight. You can't do anything for them, so you are truly out of mind. Others refuse to let go. The bonds of friendship are deep. They won't be erased by miles and the absence of a face-to-face conversation.

By month three, you get a good idea of where you stand.