My first Digital Vision Board

Monday, December 27, 2021

I have played around with vision boards (VBs) for a while. I can say that the goal, whether you believe in VBs or not, is to love the life you choose and while choosing a life you love.  

Before vision boards were popular and parties were popping up everywhere, I designed my first vision board. You can see it and read all about it here.

What I didn't know then, was that life was going to be full of ups and downs. My VB was mostly weight and exercise-related. I honestly thought it was going to be a straight line to success. 

The encouraging truth is that if you stick with the process, you will develop a deeper knowledge about yourself. You will not only get results but you will know how to make both strengths and weaknesses work for you. 

I started my weight loss journey as a couch potato. I was as happy as I could be, I just wasn't very active. I also started my journey because of a health crisis. My blood pressure was dangerously high. My doctor told me to either change my lifestyle or I would likely die young. I chose to change. 

Change is never easy or convenient but it is necessary. Instead of dreading change, I decided to embrace it with curiosity. I knew how to dread stuff too well. I dreaded all the new problems I had to solve. Embracing change with curiosity was exciting. It was also the positivity I needed to make all the work worthwhile. 

I learned that there is joy and peace in taking care of my body and mind. I met new people along the way. I signed up with a health coach who taught me how to daily choose to eat the foods that would allow my body to work to its fullest potential.

She taught me how to make change easier and exciting. Each time I saw her, I learned something new. The first thing she taught me was to keep a record of everything that went into my mouth. She also taught me to challenge myself to eat more vegetables and fruits each week because the benefits are so great. The act of adding more nutrients to my plate helped me to establish the habit of being the person I set out to be: healthy and strong. 

When I created my first vision board, I weighed 169 lbs and my BMI was 30.9. My goal was to have a normal BMI. I noticed my goal for 2011, the year I joined WW for the first time. My goal was to "exercise at least 4 times a week; Run three 5Ks; arrive at my goal weight; not get bored with food but plan my meals weekly." You can see a picture of my goal here

I'm amazed at how today, I am living that dream from 10 years ago. Except for my goal weight (I'm 6 lbs away!), I am living what I set out to do. 

I created a digital vision board for 2022. The process was easy and empowering. I am fully excited about the process of achieving those goals. 

I'm not sure if you are a believer or doubter when it comes to VBs. My take is: they do not hurt but help. The worst it can do is give you a little glimmer of hope so you can be positive to be the person you ultimately want to be.