Wednesday, January 1, 2020

"Life doesn't care that you set a goal. 
Life will give you obstacles. 
How you handle these obstacles 
is the key to making progress towards your goals." 
from my post "Don't give up"

The sound of a baby crying announces the arrival of a new life. Each time I heard my children use their vocal cords for the first time, I knew life was brand new for all of us. 

The sound of fireworks always announce the arrival of a new year. No matter if I'm in the States or in Brazil, that sound reminds me of the new opportunity ahead. Life can be brand new. 

We make preparations for this new year. Some choose a word for the year. Others, like myself, set goals. Many follow new year rituals that will hopefully bring them luck and riches. 

I wish life cared about all these things I just mentioned. Life doesn't care that you set a goal. Life simply gives you obstacles. How you handle these obstacles is the key to making progress towards reaching your goals. 

You need more than a goal in hand this year. You need to have resolve. Resolve is the result you get when your courage is tested. If you pass this test, you will gain wisdom. 

I have been setting goals for many years. Each time, my courage has been tested. It seems as if life tells me "oh you have a goal? How cute. Let's see how bad you want to accomplish your goal." As I face each barrier, I become a student of myself. 

I don't take my defeats as final but as grounds for growth. I tell myself, "if you can learn, you can grow." 

Resolve is the result you get when your courage is tested. If you pass the test, you gain wisdom. 

This year, you will face obstacles. I don't want you to be surprised by them. I have learned to list obstacles that will most likely stop me from reaching my goals. Once I list those obstacles, I write down  a list of ways to overcome those obstacles. 

What about the unexpected obstacles that come our way? We trust God to infuse us with grace to face each one. He is a very present help in times of trouble. God is for us, no matter what we face. 

As you enjoy this new year God is giving you, remember there are new opportunities ahead. Only those with resolve will be able to face difficulties and reach their goals. 

Resolve is the result you get when your courage is tested. You will pass your test. You will gain wisdom.

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