Don't give up

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

It was the worst of times. I set good goals for myself but I could not reach them. I was under a lot of stress and my plate was full. I was working, volunteering and caring for my family. I still wanted to reach my goals. I kept telling myself, “don't give up.”

Looking at the goals I wrote made me feel discouraged. I almost erased them. I decided to press on and simplify my goals. When you have a lot going on, less really is more. Still, I did not give up on my goals.

The next year was still challenging but I was able to simplify my schedule. I remembered what my priorities were. I focused on them. I still had to keep telling myself not to give up.

Life doesn't care that you set a goal. Life will give you obstacles. How you handle these obstacles is the key to making progress towards your goals.

I have listed my obstacles before as well as ways to overcome them. I wish that was enough. The only thing that kept me going was that inner voice that said: “don't give up.”

So how can you guarantee that your inner dialogue is positive?

I'll address that topic next time.