Having One Another

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Sometimes, you all you have is one another.
When Zeke and I got married, we only had one another. There was no big wedding - we couldn't afford one. There was no big wedding party - everyone was far away. What we did have was God and the few people He placed around us. 

There is a lot to learn when all you have is one another. 

We learned to rely on one another. We couldn't run home to complain or talk. We had to learn to work things out. We did seek Christian counseling. We learned to create healthy habits for ourselves that did not involve friends and family. After all, the marriage is ours. We solidified this fact during our early years. 

We learned to work together. I'm amazed at how much you learn when all you have is your spouse. You learned to lock arms and work together. Once the kids joined us, we continued our journey. I choose to believe that we have grown stronger from the inside out.

We learned we have nothing to prove. We got married before social media was a thing. I was already blogging, but things were not as they are today. We missed on the dance you do. You show pretty pictures. You show the pretty people all smiling and looking perfect. We didn't have perfect, and we didn't show what we had. We had nothing to prove and everything to gain. We gained what mattered the most: God's blessing on our marriage. Being stripped of every fluff imaginable worked for us. 

Sometimes, all you have is one another. 

And that's exactly what you will ever need.