Sunday Seven

Sunday, August 30, 2020

If last week was back to school, this week was back to basics. I wanted to share seven basic things I do every day to help my life. These things are not in order of priority.

1. Food journal. I'm super close to being done with the weight loss part of my health journey. Before I get to maintenance, I keep an electronic food journal. I used paper journals before and they work as well. The point is, if I journal, I reach my goal. 

2. Declutter. I learned that I can do different things such as engage in decluttering projects. While the kids were at home and I was working from home, all I could handle were the basics. Last week I was able to declutter and donate a few things as a result. Intentional chores work because they really fix my clutter problem. No more shuffling things around the house.

3. Day dates. My husband and I discovered day dates a few years ago and we love them. Going out on dates during the day has been a gift. I want to say we didn't go out by ourselves very much until recently. We missed that intentional time together. 

4. Planning. Each day, I spend a lot of thought on how I am going to plan my schedule so my days are productive. Productive means I take care of myself and my family. I sometimes spend days thinking about how a certain activity will affect the quality of our lives. We only have 24 hours. Planning helps me live with wisdom. 

5. Preparing. I want to say that each day I prepare for the next. I make sure we have food, clothes, and other things ready to go. If there is a celebration, I try my best to remember ahead of time. Peace is the result of preparation. I decided not to sacrifice peace on the altar of procrastination.

6. Doctor. I believe in making and keeping doctor's appointments. Your health is a gift and we need to take care of it. A few of my annual visits got delayed but this week I went back to the dentist. I go back for my physical in a few weeks and so will the kids. Making and keeping a doctor's appointment when you are healthy is so important. I encourage you to do the same thing as soon as you can. 

7. Discovery. We're still very new to our town. We haven't been here a year yet. We are still on discovery mode. We're taking the time to go to new places and see new things. The weather is starting to cool down (for Texas) so being outside is about to get easier. Even with event cancelations, we can still enjoy nature. Discovering the natural beauty of a place is priceless.