Tuesday, September 29, 2020

My sweet family in 2019

Some conversations I have with my family get repeated every time I move to a new hometown.

"How does the water taste over there?"

The water in some places does taste better than others. One time, I was washing dishes and I noticed the water was looking a little yellow. We decided to keep drinking filtered water. 

"How is the town?"

Every place is unique. This place is very unique. We've been here for one entire year.

There are so many things I now know. I know the first year is difficult. I know COVID-19 makes things even more challenging. I also know not to use COVID as an excuse not to connect to a people and a place.

I can say that following God's call is never easy but it is always worth it.

I'm grateful we follow God together as a family. We have grown together. We are eager to continue to discover what God has planned for these people and this place He called us to. 

One down. I'm grateful. 

Year one is all about adaptation. Year two is about discovery. So let the discovery phase begin.