Friends and acquaintances

Friday, October 30, 2020

This week, a few friends took the time to sit down with me and eat a meal together. I was touched by their kindness. We spoke about whatever was in our hearts. At the end of each meal, I felt that our hearts grew a little closer.

I am grateful for the gift of friendship. I also thank God because I've been praying for friends and mentors. 

Built-in friendship is a myth when you are a person in ministry. Your assignment is just that. When you arrive at a new church and community, you have to grow roots, get to know people. 

Working with someone makes them a coworker, not necessarily a friend. Over the years I've talked to people 5 days a week and that did not make them my friends. 

Friends look out for you. Friends see you for who you are. They stick around for the long haul. They prove they are foreal by their actions. 

Someone can say they are your friend but if their actions prove otherwise, well, they neatly fit in a category I call "acquaintance". The thing about friendship is that you can't force it. You can be cordial to your acquaintances and still, that does not make someone a real friend. 

You can text your acquaintances, wish them a happy birthday and send them gifts. The relationship stays the way it has always been.

A friend is tied to you by a string connected to her very heart. From beginning to end, you don't have to force that friendship. A true friend knows she doesn't have to prove anything to you. She simply shows up for you as she is and vice-versa. 

True friendship knows no boundaries when it comes to age. Some of my best friends have been 35 years older than me. 

Oh, true friends don't need to look at your social feed to gather information about your life. When they're there, they know what's happening.

There is nothing wrong with having acquaintances. I just like to remind myself that there is a difference between acquaintances and friends.

Any time I connect with a friend, I give God thanks for this rare and treasured gift.