Marathon training: week 12

Saturday, October 31, 2020

 "Running isn't easy. It's an invitation into an uncomfortable place filled with doubt, difficulty, and struggle. When we accept that invitation we find within ourselves truth, strength, and resilience." 

There is nothing easy about marathon training. Signing up is actually the easy part. This season has reminded me that life doesn't pause because I signed up to run a marathon. 

There are so many obstacles to consider and overcome. You basically agree to live in an uncomfortable place until you victoriously cross that finish line. 

I started running because I discovered it gave me resilience. Resilience has helped me face so many things in life. 

The way I see it is, once I'm done praying, I still have to live. Running helps me to navigate my life. While I am incredibly blessed, I have my challenges. 

I need resilience to overcome those challenges and distance running gives me plenty of time to think, persevere, and enjoy the fruits of my (running) labor. 

This week I felt good, thank God. I only cross-trained once but it was enough. I also ordered new tennis shoes. I'm actually excited about running in new tennis shoes soon. They're like tires. You have to switch them at some point.

Oh, it is finally cold. This week actually we ran in the rain. We've been running in 39-degree weather for the past few runs. It's been great to adapt to another set of temperatures. I had to learn (again) what I should wear. As long as I have gloves and my ears are covered, I'm usually great. 

Next weekend I run 18 miles. I haven't done that in a while and I actually look forward to it. I appreciate your prayers for strength, courage, and resilience. Thanks for reading! 

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