Sunday Seven

Sunday, October 11, 2020

This week I was reminded of how small steps add up to big things. Taking smalls steps can be discouraging but they are essential to making progress. Here are 7 small steps I try to take daily. 

1. Prayer. Communicating with God is essential to have a life worth living. I consider it a small step because it is part of an entire body of spiritual discipline work I do. I pray first and often. 

2. Rest. Recovering well is a small step that helps me be sharp and efficient personally and professionally. I make better choices when I rest well at night. 

3. Exercise. The act of exercising in small increments often has helped me live a healthier life. I'm no weekend warrior. I exercise a little bit most days of the week in order to reach my marathon training goal. 

4. Prioritize. I decided to ask myself, "what's really important?" This season, family. Having a husband and kids is a blessing and also a responsibility I take seriously. When I prioritize, I add margin into my life. I know when to start and when to stop. God comes before family. My health is also a priority. 

5. Chores. Small steps help me get it all done. I've been thinking about this for years and I came up with small daily steps to guarantee my chores are done. If everything is in disarray, I start with food and laundry. If things are okay, I focus on washing my dishes every night. 

6. Forgiveness. When I forgive the wrong done by me, it frees me to live. I know it can be hard. You know what's harder? Living as a prisoner of unforgiveness. 

7. Preparation. Preparing for the next day or week ahead is a small step that helps me stay organized. My preparation is simple. I write down things I need to do and I do them the best I can.